Conferences / ICH / 2012

A Rose of Hope
Relilgion Factor in International Relations
Spirituality in Naim Frasheri Poems
Religious Freedom from the perspective of fundamental human rights
Imminent of a Planetar New model Educational
Spirituality and Labour relationsin in Albania
From Catheleen Ni Houl'han to Celtic Tiger: 'Spiritualism, Materialism and modernity
Morality in International Relations
Freedom of Faith from the Perspective of John Locke and Fethullah G├╝len
Spiritual Quest in Hanif Kureishi's The Buddha of Suberbia
A Review on the Spiritual Values of the Education System in Turkish Colleges
An Explanation of sufism by Ferit Vokopola in the Magazine
First International Conference on Humanities
The Spiritual Quest in Humanities
The Spiritual Quest in Humanities

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